Fun facts


Prairie View Academy was founded.


The gym and upper and lower classrooms were added.


The cafeteria was built behind the main building.


Mr. Fly, the 1st Principal of PVA, makes yearly donations to the school and checks in with the office on a regular basis. He is still a huge supporter of PVA.


perry kelly principal

In my short time as the PVA Principal, we have built a softball complex, air conditioned the gym, and acquired over 300 chromebooks for distance learning.

- Perry Kelly

2021 queen ally brooke

Beyond blessed to be crowned PVA's 2021 Homecoming Queen. I was so thankful to experience it with some amazing people. These are memories I will cherish forever!

- Ally Brooke Lowery

megan till softball coach

(On her State-Runner up softball team) Each person on this team brings something special and unique to this family. They are proud fighters with immense faith in their sisters. 37 games in 10 weeks and they gave it their hearts & souls. Thank you to all of our supporters this season! #RefuseToLose

- Megan Till