Faculty & Staff

Prairie View Academy has an innovative, progressive faculty whose objective is to provide a learning environment conducive to quality education while enhancing positive attitudes and basic moral values.

Office Staff
Principal: Mr. Perry Kelly
Athletic Director: Mr. David Patrick
Secretary: Mrs. Frances Spires
Receptionist: Ms. Macie Walker
Counselor: Mrs. Tonia Berthelot 

Elementary Staff
PreK3/After School: Ms. Carla Perry
PreK3 Aide: Mrs. Lisa Branum
PreK4: Mrs. Savannah Wood
PreK4 Aide: Ms. Hunter Rollins
K: Mrs. Sarah Johnson
1st: Mrs. Rhonda Densmore
2nd: Mrs. Leslee Hickingbottom
3rd: Mrs. Hannah Hiller
4th: Mrs. Tammie Moore
5th: Mrs. Lisa May
6th: Mrs. Brenda Foster
Computer Lab: Coach Kent Yates
Librarian: Ms. Kerigan Swain
Elem. P.E.: Ms. Megan Till
Building Facilitator: Mr. Eddie Bayless

Junior & Senior High Staff
Coach Bo Barton
Mrs. Hope Bunch
Mrs. Michelle Crawford
Mrs. Diana Dew
Ms. Cindy Franklin
Mrs. Debra Kendrick
Mrs. Carolyn Morrison
Mrs. Jayla Odom
Mrs. Annette Ogden
Mr. David Patrick
Mr. Keith Rowley
Ms. Kerigan Swain
Ms. Megan Till
Mr. Seth White
Mr. Kent Yates

Mrs. Taryn McMilleon, Manager

Education Committee
Mr. Jim Ogden, Chairman
Mrs. Hope Bunch
Mrs. Holley Hall
Mr. Perry Kelly
Mrs. Lisa May
Mrs. Tammie Moore
Mrs. Annette Ogden
Mrs. Frances Spires

Philosophy and Purpose

Mission Statement

PVA is a private educational institution established to promote high scholastic standards and to offer a quality education which meets the needs of its students.

PVA will encourage the development of high personal standards and moral values in its students and will provide a positive, child-centered, intellectually stimulating environment that will foster the development of each student and faculty member to his or her fullest potential. To that end, the academy will keep up with changes and advances in technology and will strive to integrate that technology into quality teaching and learning. 

PVA recognizes and accepts its responsibility to society to produce graduates who will be prepared to meet the challenges and demands of the future and who will be a well rounded citizen.

By selecting PVA to provide an education for your child, you are making a wise investment in your child's future.  Together, we strive for quality education.  It is the intent of PVA to offer the finest in curriculum, faculty, and facility to provide an environment which stimulates excellence in education.

Board Members

Mr. Chad Fisher, President                                                Mr. Ed Lane
Mr. Steve Barnhill, Vice President                                  Mr. Benny Guerrero
Mrs. Laura Hawthorne, Secretary                                  Mrs. Gabby Nicolle                            
Mr. Chris Christmas                                                             Mr. Adam Sistrunk                                                        

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